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Locksmith Pricing: Your Guide for the United States

15 Jun Posted by in Blog | Comments Off on Locksmith Pricing: Your Guide for the United States
Locksmith Pricing: Your Guide for the United States

While not a service that we use all that often, locksmiths do provide us with very important care that most of us will need a few times in our lives.  It isn’t uncommon for people to need them both at home and while on vacation, due to reasons such as security concerns, lockouts, broken keys, and more. 

Understand locksmith prices before you need one.Never needed a locksmith before?  You are a lucky one.  Although, it is recommended that you work with one to improve the security of your home even if it isn’t an emergency.  But even though working with locksmiths can get us out of sticky situations and improve our safety and security, many people are hesitant to make the call. 

You might be wondering why that is.  While there can be many different reasons, we think that a lack of knowledge about the profession is a big part of it.  Many people do not know what all locksmiths can do to help them.  And even fewer people know what to expect in terms of pricing.  Rather than finding out, they figure it will cost too much and avoid the work they need to have done.

Our goal today is to clear up any confusion when it comes to locksmith pricing.  While many people fear they cost too much, the truth is that they are very affordable; just check out the prices at to see how affordable locksmith services can be.  And that site is for Washington D.C., so prices in your area will likely be somewhat cheaper.  Read below to learn more about locksmith pricing. 


Listed Prices Can Differ from the Final Price


Keep in mind that just because they can differ doesn’t mean they will.  Some companies ensure that their listed prices are their final prices, with all extra fees included; some companies even included taxes in their prices.  However, others do not, and will add these fees on at the end.

To protect yourself, ask up front if all fees are included in the pricing.  Some companies will charge you extra for travel outside of a certain radius.  Others will add on a fee for emergency response time.  Some might have other fees as well.

However, if the company does add on extra fees, it isn’t the end of the world.  In fact, they might still be the most affordable option for you once all is said and done.  Do your research to be certain. 


Other Issues That Can Raise the Cost


The next biggest reason to pay more than you expected is that you did not realize the underlying problem or that it is worse than expected.  This isn’t super common since most lock issues are fairly straightforward, making it easy for you to determine what the issue is.  Still, this does happen.

Then there are extras and upgrades to consider.  While many consumers are suspicious of upgrades and extras, when it comes to locksmiths, there is usually a good reason they are suggesting it—and that reason isn’t to make themselves more money.  Instead, they are looking out for your comfort and safety. 

If the locksmith suggests making copies of keys, it is because he feels this is best for you.  If he recommends using different locks, it is because the ones you have aren’t offering you the protection you think they are.  Always give these suggestions genuine consideration.


Average Prices


While prices will vary, below are average prices for the majority of the U.S.

•             Lock Change: $25

•             Lock Rekeying: $20

•             New Lock Installation: $60

•             Lockout Services: $25

•             Key Extraction: $30