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Do The French Like To Play The Lottery?

16 Jun Posted by in Blog | Comments Off on Do The French Like To Play The Lottery?
Do The French Like To Play The Lottery?

One of the most precious pieces of advice anyone could giver to you in this lifetime is the following: never gamble more money than you can actually afford to lose. This is valid for players all around the world, from whatever continent and financial statuses. Just like almost all countries on the face of the planet, France is not short of its very own lottery game, proudly played on a regular weekly basis for three times by many enthusiasts eager to win a life-changing prize effortless. You can find the game under the generic name of “Loto”, or “Loterie Nationale” and you should have no problems coming across plenty of tickets inside cafes that also sell cigarettes.

Have A Taste Of The French Lottery Experience

If you are planning a visit to France and you wish to know the country as it is, you can join the domestic players there in their pursuit for a huge win. Playing the game is as simple as un, deux, trois.

  • All you need to do is pick 5 numbers out of a pool of numbers ranging from 1 to 49, then pick an extra number which isn the American game of Powerball is called a red “powerball” number that, if guessed together with the rest other 5 white powerball winner numbers can make a player extremely rich.

  • In France, this extra number is called a numéro de chance, and which will trigger similar maximum results.

  • Get ready to pay €2 for each number combo you want to play; keep in mind this price is likely to vary depending on the number of weekly draws you are willing to play, between one and three. You can also choose to play a single time for the current week or choose up to five weeks. If you have ever played lottery games online on a specialized website back home, you must know what all these options stand for and you should have no problem making your pick. Lottery Master is an excellent site where you can play all the lottery games you fancy the most at an international level, no matter where you might live. And the EuroMillions game for example is one of the favorite games of many European,s the French included. So once you go back from your trip, you can continue to keep in touch with the French gambling spirit via the internet if you wish.

  • You can also bet on the “Super Loto” special jackpot and and decide whether you would like to also play the additional “Joker” game. The chances of winning the Joker game are of one in ten million, the number is a 7-digit one whuich will bring you a 500,000 euros in case you will guess it!

  • Remember the odds of winning are one in 20 million, so to say slim seems nice. But if you only bet small amount of money you can afford to lose each week and play when money is coming in, staying a loyal player could lead to you winning!