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Don’t Let A Broken Car Key Ruin Your Vacation!

09 May Posted by in Blog | Comments Off on Don’t Let A Broken Car Key Ruin Your Vacation!
Don’t Let A Broken Car Key Ruin Your Vacation!

Broken keys are a real bummer, and the problem is there is NEVER a good time for a key to break inside a car ignition or home lock. Using a key means needing to either lock or unlock a door – and we cannot really abandon the place once the key breaks and leave it hanging there half sticking our of the keyway. A key broken off in a car lock will also make it impossible for you to further use the key, but also cause damage to the lock and render is almost unusable in most cases. If you were just getting ready to come take a Wrightsville Beach tour with the family and your car key decided to break in front of you in the car lock, you will need urgent help. Here is what you can do.

What Happens When A Key Breaks In The Car Lock?find a car locksmith in New York NY

A key breaking in the lock will usually have its metal tip lodged in the lock action. In case the respective lock was locked prior to the breaking of the key, you will not be able to open it any longer. However, you can use a few quick tips to try to remove the broken key from the lock of your vehicle and use your spare key, if such a key exists. If you do not feel comfortable trying any tricks to pull the key out, you can also find a car locksmith in New York NY if you live in the area – go online and search a database of verified locksmiths or spread your antenna and ask for references from family and friends.

What Can You Do To Remove The Broken Key?

You can try to remove the head of the key in case the key didn't completely break off. How? Try to do a back and forth move on the head of the key until you feel it breaks off from the part of the key you can still see in the lock. Then simply discard the key head.

Properly clear the area around the car in order to remove the broken key. Remove cloth, loose debris, or paper you can see around the vehicle and use a lubricant for the key. You can also use a spray dispensing liquid – make sure your kids and pets are not around and try to use gloves and a mask so you do not inhale the chemicals.

Try to use a special tool that can remove keys from stuck locks. If you don't already have such a tool in your garage's toolbox, you can run down the hardware store or a car parts shop and buy one. If there is no time for shopping, opt for a substitute you can find around the house – something that is narrow enough so it can easily slip into the lock keyway; pick a tool that has at least one hook on the end which can be placed inside the lock.

If you are not sure you have the skill or time to do experiments on a broken car key, pull out your phone and call your regular locksmith. Keep in mind just because this guy has once changed a lock around the house does not mean he will also know how to remove keys from car locks or make duplicate keys for you. Give him a call and make sure he can also cater you your automotive needs and ask for an estimate price. If he is experienced enough, he should be able to give you a number on the spot.