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Inshore Bottom Fishing – Safety Tips

13 Jun Posted by in Blog | Comments Off on Inshore Bottom Fishing – Safety Tips
Inshore Bottom Fishing – Safety Tips

When was the last time you went inshore bottom fishing? Sure it's fun to go fishing from the beach or the pier, but the big fish always lie in deep waters. This is why we have come up with our special Inland Bottom Fishing cruises organized twice a week from our Shamrock. And the great news is that you will not have to worry about a single thing – we will provide you everything you need ranging from rods, tackle, bait, and even a fishing license. And one of the most valuable things you will need is the advice of local fisherman that we are also willing to share in a friendly manner. Of course any fishing event needs to be as safe as possible. If you are eager to learn a few security tips for your next fishing session, read on.

Get Ready For A Two Hour Fishing Trip!

Preparation is the key to success, as well as one of the best means of avoiding unfortunate events from happening. So if you are getting ready to drive to our location, you will need to make sure your vehicle comes equipped with all the necessary safety devices and measures in place. We are of course talking about well functioning door locks, and maybe even a car alarm, steering wheel locks, and any other type of a safety lock you could possible have installed on your car for extra protection against thieves and vandalism. When you are ready to use our metered street parking pay station, make sure you are not going to leave any valuable items inside tour car, in plain sight. Do not carry any valuable laptops, tablets, or jewelery you might want to drop in the car before going fishing. Talk to your regular car mechanic or a local locksmith and see what security options they best recommend to you. See if you can find the contact details for a Philadelphia locksmith fast response team in your area so you can immediately get in touch with them in case you lose or misplace your keys and cannot get back into your car.

Arrive Early!

To stay on the safe side and make sure you will not be left behind, you will need to arrive at least 45 minutes early for the afternoon and weekend tours. Because the beach tends to get extremal busy and you will have a very hard time finding a decent parking lot, you are advise to avoid taking the challenge and simply arrive early. This will also help you not have to park your vehicle in an area that does not have a lot of foot traffic and which is located in a secluded place that is easy to operate by a handy car thief. And hence an additional reason to seriously consider getting int ouch with a car locksmith and ask him to install an alarm suitable for your needs.

Extra Advice To Stay Safe On Our Shamrock

Please respect all the safety rules you are given on the boat. Know what to do in case of a water incident and avoid consuming alcoholic beverages so you do not risk injuring yourself or others. Finally, make sure you stay well hydrated and do not attempt to try any dangerous moves that could cause you to slip and fall oveboard.