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How To Stay Safe On A Safari

20 Jun Posted by in Blog | Comments Off on How To Stay Safe On A Safari
How To Stay Safe On A Safari

If you are still looking for reasons and gathering ideas on why you should go on a safari, you should know this much: you will get away from the hustle and the bustle of your regular existence and get that complete change in scenery that you have been dying to get for a long time. You will completely forget about everything your modern life means for a few hours and completely detach yourself from the stress and worrying. While the African safari is one of the most exciting adventures you could possibly have, it is not the only one. We invite aboard of our Island Hopper, our brand new 22-foot vessel we have recently added to our collection of adventurous vessels. What does our safari has to offer?

Birdwatching At Its Finest!

If you are passionate about birds and you are ready to take one of our specialized natural tours to help you familiarize yourself with the local wildlife, get int ouch with us today! We will teach you all about the one of a kind coastal ecology and show you every inch of the North Carolina coastal shorebirds. You will love Captain Joe, one of the finest field ornithological experts who will carry you into the Spartina marsh grass. You will be as close to these gorgeous birds as you ever thought possible, and we are talking about a huge variety of birds, including black skimmers, piping plovers, common gulls, pelicans, and whatever else that crosses your mind.

Tips To Stay Safe On Any Safari

No matter if you are thinking about choosing the African safari or our birdwatching safari, you will need to take a few precaution measures so you can stay safe at all times.

  • Remain in the van or truck always and remember you are not at the zoo and there will be perils and even animals trying to eat you. Do not obsess over taking the prefect picture – and rick getting too dangerously close to animals that could hurt you in a jiffy.

  • Do not turn your back to animals r you will turn yourself into a sure prey for lions or other predators. Pack a personal alarm with you opt for one that screams and imitates high pitched female screaming so in case you are confronted with an extremely dangerous situation, you can use the alarm and either draw the attention of your safari guide, other people around, or scare away the animals. Get in touch with a local locksmith like the ones here who also offer emergency lockout service to locals in Las Vegas and have them instruct you on the most effective portable security devices you could carry with you on your next safari.

  • Pack portable door locks that can be used together with almost any exiting type of a lock on doors that open inwards. This way, if you will spend the night in a hotel nearby the star line of the safari next day, you can feel entirely safe; these locks will not allow anyone on the other side of the door to get in, even if they can use a key. If you plan on traveling together with your most expensive camera to capture the uniqueness of the safari, you will need to take some additional safety measures inside your hotel room or car.