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3 Steps To Get Your Home Ready For A Vacation

08 Nov Posted by in Blog | Comments Off on 3 Steps To Get Your Home Ready For A Vacation
3 Steps To Get Your Home Ready For A Vacation

Are you familiar with out extraordinary M/V Shamrock? The custom built motorized catamaran is 27 foot long and it can carry up to 22 passengers – and by “carry”, we mean take you on unforgettably adventurous rides on twisty shallow water creeks in the area. We can safely set you on land right on the shores, without having to use a dock and we can ensure you that you will enjoy the amazing vacation you have been planning for a long time. But before you are getting ready to grab your bags and leave the house for a few days or a couple of weeks, we recommend you show proof of a high sense of responsibility and secure your place so you can come back to the same welcoming castle.

1.Create The Impression Someone Is Always Home

You can do this by asking a neighbor to pick up your mail and bills or simply have them stopped reaching your address and redirect them to your email address. You will also need to use a timer for your lights and leave at least one of them on the whole time. Your lawn should be trimmed just before you leave, and it is best to have a special motion sensor alarm installed that can send text messages on your phone whenever there is a potential intruder lurking around. You should get in touch with a professional security or locksmith service that will recommend the best options for your home and also make sure you stay within your budget.

2.Fix All Of Your Locks

Make sure you carefully assess the state of your locks around the house and garage, including window and garage locks, and have them repaired, relocked, or replaced with better ones before you go on your much-anticipated vacation. While a loose lock or door knob can be easily identified by anyone living inside a house, fixing them does no come as easy and handy to anyone. While there are many do-it-yourself types of repair projects you can find online, it is best to let licensed and experienced locksmiths to handle your locks. They will be able to make the best recommendations concerning the brands of locks your doors could handle best, as well as deadbolts and latches or security alarm systems you might be tempted to have installed before you leave. Simply go online and do a quick 24 hour locksmith near me search in your favorite search engine and you will be surprised to see how many choices you can opt for. These nonstop locksmiths can reach your address within 20 minutes upon placing an emergency call, so you do not have to waste any precious vacationing time.

3.Fix Your Plumbing Problems

Before you go, your plumbing and electricity issues need careful handling so you do not come back to a flooded or burnt down home. Make sure you unplug all of your small appliances as well as electronic devices and turn off all washer valves around the house. If you are using a water heater., put it in vacation mode and check if your thermostat is set to a lower temperature that can still provide the comfort your pets and plants need.