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Basic Safety from Theft During Travels

09 Feb Posted by in Blog | Comments Off on Basic Safety from Theft During Travels
Basic Safety from Theft During Travels

Wrightsville Beach Scentic Tours has always been dedicated to the safety of our clients. Here we will discuss possibly the only thing that can ruin your vacation time entirely, and that is theft of your hard earned buck. While noone can always be immune to theft and robbery, there are certain precautions that can lessen the impact of this unfortunate occurrence. Follow these tips in order to prevent any chance of being robbed while you're away from home.

Protect Your Money!

Don’t put all of your money in the same place. Or all of your money into the selfsame bag. The logic is simple enough – only carry enough money that is required for your today’s plans, and maybe some extra, just in case. Use your credit card for major purchases only, and leave your checkbook at home.

Get a safe – you won't regret it. You can never go wrong with getting a safe in your hotel room. Sometimes safes are free, but in most hotels there’s an extra fee. While theft by hospital staff is relatively rare statistically, paying a safe fee is always a good investment for a bit of mental peace.

Hide your wallet, and do it well. You shouldn't hold the wallet in a bag that can be easily taken away from you (like a purse or backpack). If that is a necessity, make sure to hold tight to your container and to keep the wallet deep within it, in order to avoid pickpockets.

Ask regarding the theft havens. Some places are famous as havens for pickpocketing. Ask about the local danger zones, inquire with your tour guide or the locals, and hold tightly to your bags while visiting them. Just to be sure, assume that any touristy, crowded place to be a danger zone.

Rental cars – a big no. You should never, under any circumstances, leave your things in a rental car. If you have to do that, ensure that your objects are hidden from direct view, for example, in the trunk. In the worst case scenario, you might have to deal with both missing money and damaged car.

Have your bank information ready – and have some money in the bank, too. Always have phones of your banks close at hand. In the case your credit cards get stolen, you would want to prevent the thief to empty your bank account. Do not assume that the information is readily available on the internet; it is, but internet access is a whole different issue.

Review what you purchased, and then double check it. Tourists are usually considered easy pickings for the dishonest dealers. Try to know exactly how much you need to pay before going to the cashier, and review the bill for the second time afterwards.


In short, these easy measures will spare you a lot of unnecessary stress and ugly travel stories. However, not all travel issues need to end badly. For example, take these percautions; enjoy something nice on; enjoy the beautiful sights of Galena; spend quality time with family and friends while you enjoy the picturesque sights of forests and meadows.