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How to Prepare for a Trekking Trip

31 Mar Posted by in Blog | Comments Off on How to Prepare for a Trekking Trip
How to Prepare for a Trekking Trip

Whilst treks and expeditions are a really great way to explore an area and discover hidden gems in a country, they are also quite testing and require a lot of endurance and strength. If you don’t prepare for a trip properly you could find yourself unable to complete your trip due to injury or illness, and nobody wants that to happen.

If you have never been on a trekking trip it’s important to first of all study your itinerary and make note of all the things you’d need to take with you before you consider anything else. As treks are basically a series of day hikes with overnight stays in between, you’ll need all the things you’d require for a regular hike multiplied by the number of days of your trip, including things like lunch, snacks, weather-appropriate clothing, water and an optional camera and/or smart devices to keep you entertained on any downtime. Bear in mind that you’ll probably be carrying around an extra 20 pounds in weight per day with all your necessary gear.

This is the first point to consider when going on a trip. How often do you carry around this much extra weight? It’s a good idea to invest in a top quality rucksack, and the sooner the better. Then start practicing carrying around the extra weight when you can. This can be anything from carrying your gym gear to and from work in addition to your regular lunch and work essentials to going longer walks with a sample rucksack around the weight you’ll be taking with you.

Then you’ll have to start practicing your distance walking as you’ll probably be expected to walk a fair few miles a day. If you’re not normally a walker, it’s preferred you start out a routine as early as possible starting out with a single mile at a time and adding half a mile each time you walk. In addition to this it’s preferable to make use of gym facilities and undergoing a strength training program to ensure all your muscles are prepared for your trip.

Aside from this it’s important to eat right and fuel your body in the correct way for such an energy consuming trip. If you sign up with a personal trainer, they will often combine your strength and endurance training programme with a nutritional eating plan to ensure you get the most out of the regime.

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