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Earth Day 2k14

22 Apr Posted by in Blog, fishing, north carolina birding, shorebird | Comments Off on Earth Day 2k14
Earth Day 2k14

Stop reading this. Right now. Look around you. That's right, look up from your computer. I'll wait.


Back? Good. What did you see? Depends on where you are, I guess, but there's one thing everyone who reads this will have in common. Unless you're an astronaut and for some reason are shunning your astronomical duties for a bit of R&R (in which case, back to work, Col. Hadfield!), you probably will have seen at the bottom of your field of vision a vast plane of formerly organic and inorganic matter supporting the weight of your chair, your table, your computer, the room you're sitting in, and yes, even you.

Big, huh? Can't see the end of it, can you? Art has been made, wars have been fought and explorers have been sent out from late-fifteenth-century Spanish monarchies over the ultimate shape of the thing you just saw beneath you. Even today it's still a matter of heated debate how old it is, how its various processes function, and whether or not it is possible that other ones like it exist somewhere, floating in the infinite cosmos.

If you're new here (thanks for reading, infants!), that thing you just saw is called "the earth." Every single human being who has ever lived has called this same mossy speck of floating rock home. All your friends and family live here. All of your grandchildren and their children will live here. Same goes for every plant, animal, bacterium, paramecium, amoeba, multicellular organism, dolphin, black skimmer, least tern, and sanderling. They all live here with us. There's nowhere else.

And it's also probably going to stay that way. Even if, in the far distant future, humans find a way to leave the touch of the earth forever to colonize distant planets, it's highly unlikely that giraffes, whales, or zebras will develop similar technology. They're stuck here, and realistically so are we: for better or worse.

Which leads us to the ultimate point of all that introduction: Be respectful, and preserve this planet. It's for purely selfish reasons. Where else will we go?

Another good reason to protect what we have is that this place is amazing. If you don't believe me, go see for yourself. Take a walk through a forest. Go visit the Grand Canyon. If you're interested in something closer to home, our company also offers eco-tours to Masonboro island- one of this rock's special places- and birding trips just in time for the spring migration season. Our home is alive with our animal neighbors, and as good a place as any to see them is from the deck of the Shamrock.

Earth Day is just a day. A slogan on a calendar. But the reality of our situation is that our earth deserves more than just a day, or a week, or even a month. We should develop a lifelong relationship with our planet, one that is as rich and varied and beautiful as the Earth herself. Get to know her. Grow to love her. Protect her with everything you have. She's been doing it for you your whole life; you just may not have realized it yet.

Happy Earth Day 2014, everyone. We're all in this together.

To take a tour with us, call Capt. Joe at (910) 200-4002.