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Visiting America: the taste of a new discovery

28 May Posted by in Uncategorized | Comments Off on Visiting America: the taste of a new discovery
Visiting America: the taste of a new discovery

When Columbus left Portugal with its 3 caravels in order to find the new continent, he probably didn’t even expect he had really found it.

Later, Amerigo Vespucci left also and followed the same route of Columbus and actually realized that was the new land they were looking for. That’s where the name America comes from.

Probably, none of the two could even suspect that one day in the future America could become the great and successful Country it is today. But this is another story.

If today thousands tourists plan a trip to America, especially to North Carolina coast, is to live the experience of a new discovery. The American culture is today an attractive lure for many tourists who want to experience living the American way of life for a week or two.

American culture

USA flag

The American culture seen by European people is something cool from all points of view. Probably, this perspective isn’t really impartial, but things from the distant old continent really look very cool.

First off, the American way of life: people seem to live in a world where they can easily find a job and start a career. The “self made man” is a myth for most young Europeans.

Same goes for the American typical cuisine: hamburgers and coke, cheesecakes and muffins are today becoming more popular outside the American frontiers, too.

Another aspect of the American culture that many people seem to love is the gambling tradition and the fact that America can count on wonderful places like Vegas and LA, where casinos shows up all in a row along the main streets.

Lottery: this is the true American culture

Gambling like Americans is a dream for many European lottery gamblers. Movies and cinema often show images and scenes where the protagonists go and play a lottery game, sometimes it’s a Powerball game or a New York Lottery game. And this contributed to create a sort of idea of America like of a place where anything is possible.

Today, the internet helps a lot in this regard. Because it makes possible to play online lottery  like Americans do.

Actually, with the modern technologies you can log in Lottery Master and try a lottery game on your choice. Just know that you are playing together with thousands other lottery players from all over the world. This makes all gamblers feel like a big family.