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Father’s Day

02 Jun Posted by in Blog, fishing, In the Media, Special Trip | Comments Off on Father’s Day
Father’s Day

He walks in the door every night, coming home from a long day at the office, laptop swung precariously over his shoulder, the weariness of the world written across his face. He sits in his favorite chair, lights his pipe, opens up the newspaper to the sports section.

He's the provider. The patriarch. The enforcer of rules, the guzzler of beer, the relentless watcher of television. The armchair quarterback. The carver of turkey at Thanksgiving, the devourer of Santa's cookies on Christmas. The voice of reason to Mom's overbearing protectiveness.  The teacher of life lessons, the advocate of filial piety.

He bought you your first bike, and was there when you took your first wobbling steps from his arms. He taught you to shave, to swear, to use a screwdriver and a hammer, how to change a lightbulb, swap a spark plug, mend a broken heart. The thought of him angry was enough to get six-year-old you to settle down and stop fighting with your brother. He'll never let you forget that he brought you into this world, dammit, and if you don't start behaving right this instant he'll just as soon take you out again. It doesn't matter to him. He'll make another one just like you and have fun doing it, too.

Socks with his sandals. Grill tongs in one hand, cover in the other, wearing that silly apron your mother got him for his birthday one year that says "kiss the cook", he reigns over his hot-dog kingdom on the fourth of July.

His holiday might not attract the same caliber as commercial frenzy as Mom's, but you can still get him a better gift than socks. He's not a guilt-tripper, but will sit in silent disappointment because he knows he raised you better than that.

How about a cruise? This Father's Day, WBST is offering a buy two fares, get one free deal, so you can bring Mom, too. It's good for all of our cruises, including our morning inshore fishing trip (Dad loves to fish), our Masonboro cruise (and he loves the beach), and our famous sunset cruise (…but not as much as he loves drinking beer and watching the sun set).

So call Capt. Joe at (910) 200-4002 to reserve a spot for you and Dad today. We promise he'll like it more than another tie, or your money back.*


*offer void if your father is somehow a tie enthusiast who hates the water