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Boating Tours Customized By You

11 Jun Posted by in Blog | Comments Off on Boating Tours Customized By You
Boating Tours Customized By You

Did you know that riverboats, anchored ships and lake-going vessels have been used as special zones for private or exclusive entertainment — historically speaking? Any family who manages to rent or own a boat can experience this uniquely free space of getting out on the water. It is real privacy — but when combined with a social or familial setting, boating is far from solitary feeling. Floating around with friends is a wonderful space to be in.


Riverboat Casinos

In some places in the US where gambling is forbidden (per the federal laws), purveyors of casino entertainment have found the loophole of simply putting their operations on a riverboat — a river has different jurisdiction than land-based venues, apparently.


Anyway, boating-tour or yachting companies host all manner of private, customized, and unique settings for clients who can afford those luxuries — nestled in a bay, along a coastline, out at sea or even anchored closer to land. Of course, some people will want to play cards, or are interested in some casino gaming that might include chips, small roulette wheels and so forth. It used to be that too much physical equipment was needed for this type of fun.


Nowadays, however, the Web has become a kind of universal riverboat, if you will — a place where anything goes. Or, maybe it's better to say anything might go since there are laws online as well as on land. For example, you cannot play mobile casino apps for real cash everywhere, however, now you can play free casino games at will, anywhere.


Combining A Boat Tour with Unusual Fun

The truth is that the Web — as our universal riverboat and river combined, or a free zone — also delivers all manner of content and entertainment that can be used to create a unique environment in real space. If a boat is equipped with at least with a flatscreen, then a simple mobile phone or tablet can cast its content to that larger screen for everybody to see.


For creative, inventive and good-humored boaters, a little preparation with loading apps or bookmarks before a watery outing can add interesting options to the family's live onboard entertainment program, so to speak.


TIP: Having some kind of gaming console set up (once again, today a tablet or a phone can do that work, too) is not a bad a idea to occupy recalcitrant teens and peevish grandparents.


Beyond the obvious kinds of entertainment to take on board and the obvious uses, as above, there are other more creative things to do. For example, a few mobile devices scattered amongst a group of friends or family that are sharing an educational app could convert the deck into a bird watching clinic. There are apps for any type of interest.


Knowing Your Game

We meet many, many types of people and groups of people all with different interests in exploring our neck of the waters. Some have the motive of observing Nature, and relaxing in that way.  Others, as we suggest above, like to bring along fun activities to add to what they will see from the deck.


Some people really just like to make a bee-line onto the water, get settled and comfortable, and then simply proceed to do what they always enjoy. Folks like to play poker, boardgames or chess (when water is calm, or with magnetic pieces), or even some mobile slots at the new UK casinos listed by that offer games online all the time.

Whether you sneak in your favourite mobile game privately, or, hold a mobile casino session with buddies, these are nice options for boating enthusiasts to include in their picnic baskets and toolkits of fun!