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Father’s Day 2017

13 Jun Posted by in Blog | Comments Off on Father’s Day 2017
Father’s Day 2017

Dads don't like many things. Paying bills, for instance. Endless shopping trips with your mother. Changing diapers. These things make Dad unhappy, so he goes and sits in his easy chair with a glass of bourbon and a grim look on his bearded face. Dads are creatures of habit.

Fortunately, there are some things that Dads do enjoy, like beer. Having complete control over the remote like the iron-fisted dictator of a developing Latin American country. Boats. 

What was that last thing? Boats, was it? We might be able to help you out there. We're offering a Father's Day Special aboard the Shamrock: Dad Rides Free with the purchase of two tickets for any of our tours. Perhaps he'd like to go fishing in Masonboro Inlet, angling for flounders and bluefish while wearing that silly hat with all the lures you bought him for Father's Day last year. Or maybe cruise on a relaxing sunset tour. Soon he'll be smiling like he did when you won the Middle School Science Fair for that spore thing. 

Don't miss out. Call Capt. Joe today to make your reservation. (910) 200-4002. Because Dad deserves it.