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Couple Wins Lottery During Boating Tour, Cut Sailing To Claim Jackpot

For retired couples a nice summer boating tour is one of the best ideas to relax and enjoy the good weather, sun and natural beauties of the coastal places where the boat will stop during the sailing trip.

Boating tours are very common and some of the most chosen vacation options by thousands and thousands tourists who like the idea of taking a break for a week or so and visit coastal towns and historical places. No matter if you live in the States or you are in the Mediterranean area: there’s always an enchanting boating trip you can choose to enjoy your summer vacation!

Euro Millions winnersOn Board Of A Boat Everything Is Possible

Generally, boating tours offer additional services to tourists in order to make their time on board more involving and attractive: swimming pool, assistance and play areas for children, dance floor, bar and many other.

During one of such boating tour a very lucky retired couple realized they had won the Euro Millions lottery. Probably, neither of the two could imagine they had the winning numbers on their Euro Millions ticket at the time they left home for the boating tour.

The good news came to the master of the boat, who immediately decided to please the couple of winners, by cutting the sailing trip and taking the two lucky Euro Millions winners back to claim their millionaire jackpot.

Euro Millions – Good Luck Comes When You Least Expect It!

The first reaction the retired couple of winners took soon after claiming their Euro Millions golden pot was of happiness and almost incredulity, since they would have never expected to win such a large jackpot.

They said, actually, that good luck is a weird thing, it comes always when you least expect it! By the time of the lucky lotto winning, the two retired winners still had to decide how to use all that money… but one thing is sure: they will continue to play Euro Millions as they did all those years.

Anyways, the history of the Euro Millions lotto is literally full of such great winnings. For its incredibly favorable odds of winning a prize, the Euro Millions lotto is one of the globe’s most played and appreciated lotto.

The World’s Highest Odds Of WinningLotto numbers

In fact, the odds of winning a Euro Millions prize are, in general, of 1 in 23, whilst the odds of winning the great jackpot are of 1 in 116.531.800 – which is a really impressive good chance to win a multimillionaire golden pot rather than other types of lotteries that are also very popular.

Moreover, for all the Euro Millions players who decide to play online, there are also additional FREE tools that are particularly useful to use:

  • Generator machine of random numbers:  you can get random Euro Millions numbers by simply clicking on the generator’s button. Get as many free Euro Millions sets of numbers as you need! Keep in mind that you can use each set only once.
  • Most drawn Euro Millions numbers: the random-number generator sometimes includes also most drawn numbers randomly selected, which will improve your chances to win Euro Millions prizes.

The random-number generator is a great tool to use when you are running out of ideas about which numbers to play or when you are in a hurry and you want to play in the quickest way possible.