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Speckled Trout

The speckled sea trout has prominent canine teeth. Like other fish of the family Sciaenidae, the speckled sea trout has an elongated soft dorsal fin that has no scales; it is separated from the spinous dorsal fin by a deep notch. It usually has two anal spines and the lateral line extends to the tip of the caudal fin. The back has distinct spots scattered on it, including on the dorsal and caudal fins. Adults reach 19-25 inches in length and 1-4 pounds in weight.

Spotted sea trout also known as Speckled trout are commonly found in the top of the water column and are most numerous along the coasts of the south eastern. Estuarine coasts are prime settlement areas. While most of these fish are caught on shallow, grassy flats, spotted sea trout reside in virtually any inshore waters, from the surf of outside islands to far up coastal rivers, where they often come for shelter during cold weather. They are uncommonly seen north of Delaware Bay and along the coast of Cape Cod, Massachusetts. It is popular for commercial and especially recreational fishing in coastal waters of the southeastern United States.