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Tips For Keeping Your Fishing Gear Locked Up

Rod and reel robberies are common occurrences in areas with a lot of fishermen that use expensive gear. Since this equipment can be easily sold for fast cash, it represents a great point of attraction for many local thieves determined to visit boats on the look for their next prey. Harbors and bay areas are destinations that are particularly valuable to these criminals targeting waterfront homes. Their modus operandi consists of coming in at night and stealing fishing rods, Yeti coolers, fishing poles and anything else they can find on docks and boats and consider valuable enough to be taken.

How can you protect your expensive fishing gear?

Take Extra Protection Measures For Your Boat

Fishing gear thieves usually make use of kayaks to transport their loot. They usually operate early in the morning or late at night, when boat owners are less likely to be on their boats. This kind of thievery can be hard to prevent, and the regular locks will usually only keep honest people out.

  • Install a security system on a boat that features surveillance cameras and sound alarms; this is the smartest and most effective thing to do to keep your fishing gear better protected.

  • Write down the serial numbers on your fishing gear so you can track it more easily in case it gets stolen and sold afterwards.

  • Fishing gear kept inside garages, on a boat on the water or in a shed in the backyard needs to be properly locked up with the help of high quality locks and padlocks. Emergency locksmiths like the ones here need to be used to immediately handle any potential vulnerabilities and issues that might rise with locks and keys.

  • Get in touch with a professional locksmith that is insured and licensed to make sure you are going to benefit from the best service possible. Lock installation is not rocket science, but when done by someone who is untrained or inexperienced, it can lead to a lot of security glitches and problems with doors and locks alike. Have an expert install your new commercial grade 1 or 2 deadbolt locks, rekey or repair your existing locks, make duplicate keys and fix broken padlocks.

  • It is best to have burglar alarms installed inside your garage if you use it to store your expensive fishing gear/boat in. Do the same with the inside of your house as well for extra protection for you and your family. Find out which types of boat locks would work best for you needs.

  • You might need to hire an automotive locksmith for your boat security needs. Find a locksmith that can provide you with all categories of locksmith service. The guys at 24/7 Locksmith Service for example offer all three categories – home, car, and business – as well as nonstop emergency lockout assistance. Don't worry, you will nor have to spend an arm and a leg on your security system. Of course you can invest some money in a top-notch wireless system you can control with the help of your phone or computer form any remote location, but real-time broadcasting/recording surveillance cameras and tie your system up to a local security company.

  • If you notice any suspicious activity going around a deck, bay area, or your home/garage, call the local authorities immediately.