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Island Safari

Every Day

by request


per person

  • Field Glasses
  • Guide Book
  • Sunscreen
  • Water shoes

All About the Birds

We’ve added another vessel to our fleet: a 22-foot Panga Cruising Skiff named Island Hopper, and we’ve got some cool plans for it. As the title says, it’s all about the birds, and this season we’ll be offering a variety of specialized natural tours that will help you identify local wildlife, learn about our unique coastal ecology, and expose the world of North Carolina coastal shorebirds. Captain Joe is one of the area’s premiere field ornithological experts (he’s not nicknamed “The Birdman” for nothing) and, with the new boat, will be able to take passengers into the Spartina marsh grass and get as close to the birds as is humanly possible. Patrons can expect to see a variety of birds, from common gulls and pelicans to black skimmers, American oystercatchers, and possibly even the endangered piping plover.

The endangered piping plover, one of many birds passengers can observe on the Island Safari cruise


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